Miniature Paintings, Marble Paintings and Paper Paintings from India

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Banjara Crafts - Miniature Marble and Paper Paintings from India

Welcome to the exclusive world of Indian Chikan Hand Embroidery.

Wajidali Collection presented by Midas Exports offers a unique fusion of tradional chikan hand embroidery with contempory fashions using a variety of fabrics from cotton to linen.

"Donning a masterpiece from Wajid Ali Collections is wearing a piece of history"

The Indian name of Chikan embroidery is Chikankari. Kari being Hindi for work and Chikan is a Persian word meaning embroidery of a kind as per the Burhan's classical dictionary compiled in 1651.

So fine is this embroidery that the Romans called it textili venti, the woven winds. Chikankari has evovlved over centuries, reaching its peak in the late nineteenth century in Lucknow under the regime of the legendary Wajid Ali Shah, the famed ruler of Avadh, known for his ardor for art and culture and also for his predilection for donning finest fabric with equally fine hand crafted embroidry work.

To recreate the glorious past of the Nawabs, our Sozankar(embroider) has taken almost one and a half months to complete this delicately embroidered piece - for those who value our cultural heritage.

"If you are using a masterpiece from Wajid Ali Collection, you are using a piece of history"

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